Cuts, Scrapes & bruises....
Superficial or nonserious injuries such as scrapes, small cuts, bruises, etc., will be treated with soap and water, band-aid or bandage and application of ice or cold compress.

Parents must tell Sue Rowe or Subcare Provider about injuries that occur at home....
Parents must report to Sue Rowe or Subcare Provider at the time the child(ren) is dropped off at the Child Care home any occurrence, accident, injury or illness that the child(ren) has experienced when in the care of parents or others prior to coming to the Child Care home which may or could affect the health of the child(ren). If it is an injury, parent must make a detailed note in the child care home Medical Log as to what actually occurred and sign the entry. Failure to report an occurrence may result in termination of enrollment.

A serious injury has never occurred at Sue's House, but if it does....

Emergency Services will be called for Serious Injuries
If Sue Rowe or Substitute/Assistant Provider believes an illness or injury is serious, such as a broken bone or head injury, 911 will be called and then parents will be called immediately following to instruct as to which hospital they would like the child taken. If the parent(s) cannot be reached, the child will be taken to St. Mary's Hospital Emergency Center in Madison.

All injuries are entered into the Child Care Home Medical Log.

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