House Rules

1) Shoes and boots of both parents and children must be removed before entering carpeted areas of the Child Care home.

2) Children are not allowed to chew gum at the Child Care home, Sue Rowe will not chew gum in front of the children.

3) Children must have "clean" pockets, both jacket, coat and pants or dress. Parents, make sure you look through children's pockets before bringing to Child Care. Children often like to hide potentially dangerous objects such as coins and rubber bands in their pockets.

4) Children may bring toys from home to the Child Care home, but they are expected to allow other children to have a "turn" with that toy. If this is too challenging for any particular child, it is best to leave the toy at home.

5) Please avoid parking in the driveway at dropoff and pickup times since other members of Sue's family may need to get their vehicles out of garage or driveway during those times.

6) Smoking is not permitted inside or outside the child care home (state licensing rules).

7) Please arrive no later than 9:00 am unless you have an appointment and have contacted Sue Rowe.

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