Steps to Enrollment

1) An interview with Sue Rowe and Tour of the Child Care Home is arranged and completed with at least one parent, baby, child or children. Most interviews last at least one hour.

2) The Parent/Provider Agreement must be signed.

3) A deposit equal to one week child care fees is paid; in some cases, a Holding Fee must also be paid. The deposit will be applied to the last week of child care.

4) State Licensing Enrollment forms must be completed, signed and furnished to Sue on or before the first day of child care.

5) Child(ren)'s information, emergency contact phone numbers and permission slips are signed and furnished to Sue Rowe.

About the Holding Fee
If a family wishes to "hold" an opening that will be occurring at a future date, a Holding Fee of one (1) week per month of child care fees will be charged for every month an opening is held.

About The Waiting List
Sue Rowe's 1st Care for Children accepts no more than two (2) "waiting" families at any given time. The Waiting List fee is 1/4 of the Enrollment deposit. Should an opening occur and a "waiting" child or baby enroll in our program, the Waiting List fee shall be applied to the deposit.

Trial Period
All children will be accepted on a trial basis of six (6) weeks.

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