For the sake of the children, and, all family members, it is important to "build" a relationship. Let's keep talking to keep the channels of communication open. If both parents and provider work actively toward a healthy relationship, the outcome will be positive for everyone. Please remember that Child Care is a "caring" business. You may not agree with all our policies at the child care home, but please try to be supportive as I will try to be supportive of your decisions as a parent.

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Parent/Provider Conferences
If desired, either the parent(s) or Sue may request a 20-minute telephone or in-person conference to be scheduled any weekday when convenient. This is an opportunity for both the parent(s) and provider to discuss a variety of topics that relate to the positive development of the child, to problem solve and develop an action plan, or to ask questions related to the care of the children.

Every day....
Sue is happy to discuss any problems or concerns parents may have about their child relating to any topic. Parents are encouraged to contact Sue by:

Email -

By telephone (608-845-3728) during the noon to 2:00 pm scheduled naptime
        Voice Mail - any time

By cell phone (608-575-0026) 6:00 am - 7:00 pm Monday thru Friday
        Voice Mail - any time

Parents may send a text message to my cell phone (608-575-0026). I will reply as soon as possible.

If time and convenience allow, we can discuss issues when you drop off or pick up your child from the child care home.

See adorable photos of all the babies and kids at Sue's House on Sue's House PhotoShare on Shutterfly! Shortly after a child's first day in child care at Sue's House, parents will be invited by email to join our PhotoShare Site on Shutterfly. Photos from our child care day are posted on this, so parents should check the PhotoShare site frequently to see their child playing with their friends!

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