Assistant Providers:
Scheduling, Training and Background Checks

Sue Rowe's 1st Care for Children employs Assistant Providers who assist in the care of children during a regular child care day while Sue is also providing care. Sue Rowe prepares a monthly Child Care Assistant Schedule posted on the refrigerator, which is a convenient location for Assistants to view. Parents are welcome to view the Child Care Assistant Schedule for informational purposes.

When preparing the Assistant Schedule, Sue Rowe works with each Assistant to provide a mutually beneficial schedule -- a schedule that works around the class or work schedule requirements of each Assistant and also meets the staffing needs of the child care home.

During times when Sue is absent due to medical and dental appointments, personal matters, training classes, or vacation, two Assistant Providers will be scheduled. At least one of the Child Care Assistants will be trained as a Lead Child Care Assistant or Primary Provider. In the event that two Assistant Providers are not available due to class schedules, vacations, illness, etc., the child care home will closed for a whole day or part of a day. Every effort will be made to notify parents at least two weeks prior to closures.

Assistant Providers are required to possess the same training and qualifications required by the State of Wisconsin of a licensed provider. Many of our Assistants are college students majoring in early childhood fields and, as such, easily meet their year to year training requirements.

Background Checks and Orientation Training
Assistant Providers must also comply with and pass a Criminal Background Check. Pursuant to State of Wisconsin Licensing requirements, all Assistant Providers must undergo an Orientation training session to become familiar with the needs of individual children and the ongoing and emergency procedures of the child care home prior to working with children. The orientation process includes the following:

If Sue Rowe needs to leave, an Assistant Provider will be called. In the event of a personal emergency that requires Sue Rowe to leave the child care home, an additional Child Care Assistant will be called to provide care for the children in Sue Rowe's absence. Current Child Care Assistants have received all the information and training required in the orientation process.

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